Creating Animations for Apple iPhone Using Cocoa Touch

Published: 18th June 2009
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The iPhone, with its excellent touch-screen feature, is one of the best gadgets of the decade. There are many new and best Apple iPhone applications that engage and entertain users. From a developer's point of view, iPhone presents multiple opportunities in terms of application development, both native and web-based. Developers can also create cool 2D animations for the iPhone, courtesy of cocoa touch, and create attractive animated wallpapers for the phone.

The most impressive feature of cocoa is animation. Cocoa touch is a set of tools that help the user create diverse applications for Apple iPhone. With the help of this toolset, one can create a couple of basic animations. Just tap it and the animation will respond to it.

The apple developer uses cocoa touch to create animations the same way he does for creating any applications for iPhone. He first creates a project, tweaks the configurations, imports items from the library and adds lengthy code to make a simple animation come into effect.

Developers have many other tricks up their sleeves to create animations for the iPhone. Some harness the powers of Apple's built-in gyroscope to create awesome 3D animation. The animations present similar visual zing whichever way to rotate the iPhone. Although there are some best iPhone applications available, there are also some applications meant for iPhone that help users to create their own animations, but such programs are not for serious developers and only for fun. Hope the future has something new and unique in store for us.

The Future of Cell Phone Animation:

Creating animations for cell phones are becoming a rage nowadays. Most cell phones support flash-based animation that looks very impressive. Animation artists can create animations for cell phone with or without using flash ActionScript. Adobe Flash CS3 users can create animations using a device central, the adobe illustrator program a Flash CS3 to add animation elements to vector graphics and port them to the cell phone.

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