Freeform Pen Tool of Photoshop: Another Power-Packed Photoshop Tool

Published: 05th June 2009
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Photoshop has always been known for its multiple graphic designing functions. The Freeform Pen Tool of Photoshop is another highly advanced function that's a graphics designer frequently uses in his/her design projects. The Freeform Pen Tool allows the designer to draw vector shapes and paths (shape outlines) in exactly the same manner as if you are drawing with a pencil on paper. The Tool automatically adds anchor points while drawing. Although you can't determine where the points are positioned, but you can easily adjust the points once the path is complete.

In the field of custom graphic design , the Freeform Pen Tool holds a very significant position today. The tool comes with an option called magnetic pen that helps you draw a path snapping to the edges of defined areas in the pictures. Using the tool, you can not only define the range and sensitivity of the snapping behavior but also the complexity of the resulting path.

The Freeform Pen Tool is really very easy to use. In order to draw using the tool, you as a creative graphic designer need to follow the below mentioned tips:

  • Select the Freeform Pen Tool in the Toolbox.

  • In the Options bar choose drawing mode: to draw vector shape layers click button and to draw paths click button.

  • Draw like using a pencil in the image window. By dragging the pointer in the image you will see a path trailing behind the pointer. The moment you release the mouse, you will find a work path created.

  • In order to continue the existing freehand path, you need to position the freehand pen pointer on an endpoint of the path and then drag.

  • By releasing the mouse, you can complete the path. By clicking on the initial point of the path, you can create a closed path.

To sum up, the Freeform Pen Tool of Photoshop is a very user friendly and result-oriented tool. In almost all types of graphic design activities, the tool is very frequently used.

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