How to Import Objects in Flash and Make Them Flash-Friendly?

Published: 11th June 2009
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Designers specializing in professional flash web design often need to include artwork that's created in another application or file format. While it is easy to design vector graphics into flash, importing bitmap graphics and using them in flash requires some key steps. Designers also require editing imported graphics in many ways.

Flash has opened doors to zillions of editing options. The editing tools can give designers precise results. Many different and interesting features enables designers to add interesting fills inside imported objects, smoothen curves and soften edges of an imported graphic, thus making it look more attractive.

How to Import Objects, Particularly Bitmap Graphics, and Make Them Flash-Friendly?

You can import text or bitmap into flash turn them into a flash-friendly object. While importing text and turning it into flash-friendly files is easy, importing a bitmap requires some steps to be followed. You can manipulate the bitmap graphics in many ways to make them more flash friendly:

  • Firstly, you will have to import the bitmap graphic by clicking file>import and then clicking on import to stage.

  • You can ungroup the graphic into separate elements. Select it and click on modify>ungroup and then you can work with bitmap graphic easily.

  • Alternatively, you can break apart the imported graphics to make it more flash-friendly. Breaking apart a file can reduce the file size of graphics that have been imported. Breaking apart objects have various other uses in professional flash web site design : it can convert text into outlines and convert bitmaps into fills. You can access the break-apart command by selecting the bitmap object and choosing Modify> break apart.

Professional flash website design is all about letting your creative juices flowing and creating attractive flash websites by adding objects other than just vector graphics. Flash CS4 has many innovative editing tools that can convert an object into a flash-friendly file. In a professional flash design scenario, designers can easily import graphics or objects and manipulate them to suit their artistic fancy.

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