How to Position Flash CS4 Objects in 3D Space

Published: 12th June 2009
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From being a two-dimensional animation tool, Flash, with the introduction of its latest version CS4, has graduated to being a program that can create animations and position objects in 3D space giving web design Flash animation a new look and feel. Many perspectives can be added to objects in 3D space while developing an animation.
For a precise positioning of objects in 3D space, special tools such as the 3D translation tool, 3D rotation tool, and the Transform Panel have been introduced with Flash CS4. These special tools use three dimensional coordinates: x, y, and z axis thereby enabling a designer in adding perspective to texts and objects and also to rotate these texts and objects. Incorporating 3D text to your pages add another element of attraction to your site.
For moving objects in real 3D space, first you need to convert the objects into movie clip symbols by going to Modify and selecting Convert to Symbol. After doing so, go to the Tools menu and select 3D rotation tool. A circular multicolored globe with lines is displayed to guide in the task of rotating an object. Follow these simple guides and you will be able to rotate the object in three-dimensional space. In a much similar way, 3D text is created. Having created a text on stage by using the text tool, it is then converted into a movie clip symbol. Then the procedure mentioned above is followed to rotate and position the text in 3D space. You can rely on Flash web design India to give your sites the best 3D feel. Flash CS4 has, in fact, given a new dimension to development of Flash websites and has opened new doors of opportunities for Flash designers as well as website owners to increase their traffic and business returns.

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