Pros and Cons of Distributed Databases

Published: 01st June 2009
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In computer software technology, a distributed database is a database spread across a network of computers that are geographically distributed and can be communicated through communications links. It is under the control of a centralized DBMS and may also be stored in multiple systems located in a same physical location. Distributed databases reside on computers of an offshore software development company or on network servers over the internet.
There are various pros and cons of Distributed Databases.
Advantages of distributed databases:
A distributed database stored across multiple systems in a single largest location reflects excellent organizational structure. The databases are stored in departments related to them.
A distributed database system protects valuable data in case there is a catastrophic event like fire. Since the data is dispersed in multiple locations, there is less risk of damages.
It also encourages local autonomy as a department can control the data familiar with it.
Users can experience improved performance since the database systems are parallel. This allows the load on databases to be balanced equally among servers.
With a distributed database system, creating a network of smaller computers is cost-effective. Moreover, the modules or systems can be added, modified or removed from the distributed database system without affecting others.
Disadvantages of distributed databases:
Monitoring and maintaining the distributed database system requires extra work since the database is distributed among smaller computers. So, there is much complexity involved in terms of maintenance.
Extra work in maintaining the transparency of requires more infrastructures, and thus may lead to extra costs.
The security aspect of distributed databases must also be taken into account, especially in the case of remote database fragments. Database administrators must secure remote databases as well as infrastructures by encrypting network servers between remote sites.
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