The Evolution of Ecommerce: Breaking Barriers and Reaching Global Audience

Published: 11th June 2009
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Ever since the dawn of the internet, new and serious ideas are evolving each day, but only some succeed while others are looked upon as gimmick. A decade ago, the idea of setting up an ecommerce site was laughed upon as a passing fad, but inroads were made and sales were achieved, courtesy of some serious entrepreneurs, investors and dedicated ecommerce web site development companies.

However, there were many difficulties faced with early online businesses. Along with design problems faced by many, including custom web site design India, the core problem was the safety and security of personal financial information of the customer. The fear of hackers' access to non-encrypted data led to more worries among ecommerce site owners. This was tackled with the encryption method.

The Use of Encryption Technology in an Ecommerce Site:

Encryption was introduced to curb a hacker's attempt to access non-encrypted data. In fact, it is one of the best ways to achieve security of data. In simpler terms, encryption is the conversion of data into a code. If someone wants to read the encrypted file, then he or she will have to access a super secret password or key to decrypt it. Encryption ensures that the customer data is kept private, thus making it one of the key options for consumers.

The encryption technology is used by almost every company in the ecommerce website design India scenario. Today, the key to a successful ecommerce site is the inclusion of various secured tools, including the encryption technology.

Today's Ecommerce Scenario:

Today, conducting an online business has many benefits; there is no need to have crowded sales staff, no nagging sales person or expensive storefronts. Just a well-designed site and some good SEO skills make your business flourish in minutes. The flourishing online businesses have encouraged more and more cottage industries and brick & mortar stores to jump into the web frontier and build ecommerce website to reach global customers.

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