What is Constraint Logic Programming and what are Its Features?

Published: 11th May 2009
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Constraint logic programming (CLP), a form of constraint programming, is placed at the intersection of logic programming, artificial intelligence and optimization. A constraint logic program contains constraints in the group of clauses. Constraint logic programming has proven to be a successful method in many areas of software and web development services including production planning, bio informatics, resource allocation, transport etc.
CLP is recognized as a good method of improving the current scenario of programming languages. It was introduced in 1987 by Lassez and Jaffer, and it became a powerful theoretical concept. Its first application was the development of programming languages based on Prolog. The CLP method shares some resemblance with traditional Operations Research (OR) approach.
Features of Constraint Logic Programming
Constraint logic programming uses excellent mathematical methods. The intrinsic, built-in components of CLP languages and tools provide proved and excellent algorithms.
Since constraint logic programming systems provide different constraint systems, the development of modular hybrid models is easily made possible.
CLP provides flexibility in the programming language used. This allows the programmers in software and web site development services to solve equations dynamically.
The Constraint Logic Programming Paradigm:
The CLP method is similar to the OR approach. It solves a problem in a step-by-step way:

  • Analyzing the problem and understanding parts of the problem
  • Ascertaining the relationships between the parts, which can help in solving the problem.
  • Stating such relationships as equations.
  • Arranging these equations and solving them to produce a solution

The Importance of ECLiPSe
ECLiPSe is the best example of a constraint logic programming system that implements a programming language. It was developed at the European Computer-Industry Research Centre (ECRC) in Munich in 1995. In 2006, it was released as open source software under Cisco. Precisely, ECLiPSe is an open source software system used by software & web development service for the cost-effective development of constraint programming applications. The web development services India scenario is well-versed with the functions of this system. It develops and deploys constraint programming applications in the areas of scheduling, planning, transport and resource allocation.

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